Week 31 2020

Attendance in education and early years settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic


A summary of attendance in education settings from Monday 23 March to Friday 17 July and early years settings from Thursday 16 April to Thursday 30 July.

These statistics have been produced quickly in response to developing world events. The Office for Statistics Regulation, on behalf of the UK Statistics Authority, has reviewed them against several key aspects of the Code of Practice for Statistics and regards them as consistent with the Code’s pillars of Trustworthiness, Quality and Value. 

Headline facts and figures - 2020


The education settings survey closed on 17 July, when most schools and colleges closed for summer. A summary of attendance in schools and colleges until the survey closed can be found in the 21 July publication here.

The early years local authority survey continues on a weekly basis and will be published fortnightly during the summer period. Ordinarily, fewer early years settings are open and fewer children are in attendance during school summer holidays. This is due to reduced demand for childcare and the closure of school-based settings. 

  • The number of children attending an early years setting has decreased since 16 July – with 285,000 children attending on 30 July, down from 417,000 on 16 July.
  • Approximately 46% of early years settings were open in some capacity on 30 July, down from 62% on 16 July.
  • Around 12,000 vulnerable children attended an early years setting on 30 July, down from 25,000 on 16 July.

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