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Find out more about Explore education statistics - including how to use it services and get further help and support.

About the service

Explore education statistics has been built by the Department for Education (DfE) to make it easier for you to find, access, navigate and understand the range of education-related statistics and data it provides.

All the statistics and data published this service are produced in line with the UK Statistical Authority's Code of Practice for Official Statistics and DfE's Standards for official statistics.

Find statistics and data

The service contains all of DfE's published official statistics.

To find specific sets of statistics currently published via the service, browse our Find statistics and data section.

To find out about the methodology behind the specific statistics and data set currently published via the service and how and why they're collected and published browse our Education statistics: methodology section.

For a list of definitions and terms used across education statistics and data visit our Education statistics: glossary section.

Creating and downloading data tables

To create your own tables and explore the data we have available via the service use the table tool available in our Create your own tables section.

You can use our table tool to choose the data and area of statistical interest you want to explore and then use filters to create your table.

Once you've created your table, you can download the data it contains for your own offline analysis, or share a permanent webpage of the created table.

You can also download full data files of those statistics currently published via the service through our Data catalogue.

These files are currently only available in CSV format but other formats will be made available in the future.

Sign up for email alerts

You can sign up to receive emails when new statistics and data are published through our service.

Sign up by selecting the 'Sign up for email alerts' link found at the top of the pages found under Find statistics and data.

You'll then be sent an email alert with a link to the latest statistical and data release which you have chosen to be updated about.

You can unsubscribe at any time by selecting the ‘unsubscribe’ links in the email alerts you receive or in the original confirmation email which you were sent.

Contact us for help and support

If you have any technical issues using the service contact our Explore Education Statistics team:

For example, problems downloading any data files or using our table tool

If you have any specific statistical or subject-related queries, contact the team or named statistician listed in the 'Contact us' sections of the pages found under Find statistics and data.