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Children's social care

Including children in need and child protection, children looked after and social work workforce statistics
Children in need and child protection
Children looked after
Children's social work workforce
Outcomes for children in social care
Secure children's homes
Serious incident notifications


Including Attendance in education and early years settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Early years

Including early years foundation stage profile and early years surveys statistics
Childcare and early years
Early years foundation stage profile
Early years surveys

Not yet on this service

Finance and funding

Including local authority (LA) and student loan statistics

Further education

Including advanced learner loan, benefit claimant and apprenticeship and traineeship statistics
FE choices

Not yet on this service

Further education and skills
Further education outcomes

Higher education

Including university graduate employment, graduate labour market and participation statistics
Education exports
Higher education graduate employment and earnings
Higher level learners in England
Participation measures in higher education
Widening participation in higher education

Pupils and schools

Including absence, application and offers, capacity, exclusion and special educational needs (SEN) statistics
Academy transfers
Admission appeals
Parental responsibility measures
Pupil absence
Pupil projections
School and pupil numbers
School applications
School capacity
Special educational needs (SEN)

School and college outcomes and performance

Including GCSE and key stage statistics
16 to 19 attainment
GCSEs (key stage 4)

Not yet on this service

Key stage 1
Key stage 2

Teachers and school workforce

Including initial teacher training (ITT) statistics

UK education and training statistics

Including summarised expenditure, post-compulsory education, qualification and school statistics
UK education and training statistics