Academic Year 2020/21

Apprenticeships and traineeships

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March 2021 update

This release provides provisional in-year apprenticeship and traineeship figures for the first two quarters of the 2020/21 academic year (August 2020 to January 2021). This release will be updated to include data for the first three quarters of 2020/21 (covering August 2020 to April 2021) in July.

This update includes the latest available apprenticeship service data, along with additional analysis relevant to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Skills Toolkit

This update includes statistics relating to the Skills Toolkit website on course registrations and completions (please see the ‘Additional Analysis’ section), and a separate downloadable file in the ‘View data and files’ section containing registrations and completions by provider and individual course (Skills toolkit course registrations and completions as at 21-02-2021). 

As of this release we intend to provide the detailed downloadable file as part of our quarterly main releases and publish just totals on registrations and completions in monthly updates to the release.

Impact of COVID-19 on reporting of FE and apprenticeship data

The 2020/21 data covers a period affected by varying COVID-19 restrictions, which will have impacted on apprenticeship and traineeship learning and also provider reporting behaviour via the Individualised Learner Record. Therefore, extra care should be taken in comparing and interpreting data presented in this release. 

As this is a completely new approach to publishing our data and statistics, your feedback is important to help us improve and develop. If you have any feedback, please complete our survey.

See ‘Find my data and feedback’ for more information on volunteering for some proactive user research. 

Headline facts and figures - 2020/21

Latest provisional figures for the 2020/21 academic year show:

  • Since May 2015 there have been 2,373,100 apprenticeship starts and since May 2010 this total stands at 4,750,700
  • Higher apprenticeships accounted for nearly a third of starts (31.7% or 51,400 starts)
  • Intermediate apprenticeships accounted for a quarter of starts (25.6% or 41,500 starts)
  • Under 19s accounted for 23.9% of starts (38,800)
  • Starts supported by Apprenticeship Service Account (ASA) levy funds accounted for 57.4% (92,900) – please see ‘About these statistics’ for more information about ASA levy funds
  • Apprenticeship standards made up 98.3% of starts (159,100). Note: In the first two quarters of 2020/21 there are a small number of starts on frameworks. All remaining apprenticeship frameworks were withdrawn to new learners on 31 July 2020. Learners who started on frameworks are where it has been agreed a learner can return to a previous framework they have been on after an extensive break.

Note: In our November 2020 full year release we stated that we were treating 2019/20 achievements as provisional at that stage. Following further analysis, we are now treating the 2019/20 data as final - please see ‘About these statistics’ for more information.

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