Reporting Year 2020

Education and training statistics for the UK

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This release compiles information on education systems across the United Kingdom. Education is devolved in the UK, so each part of the United Kingdom has a separate education system, with different attainment measures.

In this release, there are sections focusing on the school system: numbers of schools, pupils and teachers; pupil teacher ratios; and a section on attendance during the coronavirus outbreak.

This is followed by sections looking at post-compulsory education, which includes the number of further and higher education institutions, the number of staff and the number of students. There is also a section on young adults (aged between 16-24) who are not in education or employment.

The next sections focus on students’ qualifications, typically taken at ages 16 and 18, as well as the highest qualifications held by adults in the UK (aged 19-64).

Finally there is a section showing government education expenditure in the UK.

Headline facts and figures - 2020

  • Pupil-teacher ratios in maintained schools were lowest in Scotland (13.6) and similar in England (18.2), Wales (19.3) and Northern Ireland (18.3).
  • Females outperform males in the main measures of attainment across the UK, make up a greater share of higher education students (57%) and have a higher level of qualification among 19-64 year olds (46% with NQF level 4 or above compared to 42% for males).

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