Provisional T Level results


Data quality

Data on industry placement completion, core component grade and occupational specialism grade were supplied to the Department by providers and awarding organisations through the Manage T Level results service, approximately one week before T Level results day. As such, the Department is reliant on third party validation and quality assurance of this data at point of entry. Providers and awarding organisations are restricted to enter only valid result options for learners who have previously been registered and assigned an assessment entry, when submitting data. Error reports are generated in line with validation rules (detailed on the Manage T Level results service website here) following bulk data uploads. The Department carried out checks of the data to assess quality and found no notable issues.  

This is the first year that T Level results are available, so it is not possible to compare the data with previous years for the purpose of quality assurance or time series analysis. In addition, T Levels have not fully rolled out yet, so the cohort is small, and inferences made from the data must be done so with caution.  

Overall T Level grades are calculated by the Department from core component grades, occupational specialism grades and industry placement completion status, according to rules set out in the T Levels action plan. This process has been appropriately quality assured. 

All results presented are provisional, as appeals may still be underway which could result in changes to some individual grades, and some partially achieving students are expected to complete their industry placement during summer 2022. Data are correct as of 8th August 2022. These statistics will be updated once finalised data is available towards the end of 2022.

The coverage of these statistics is different to Ofqual data on T Level Technical Qualification (TQ) results, which only includes data for learners expected to complete their T Level programme in 2022, who have completed both the core component and occupational specialism. These statistics contain data on learners that have completed at least one T Level component, so includes some learners that have not completed both the core component and occupational specialism. Results may also differ slightly due to differences in data processing and rounding, and the timing of data collection.

Data structure

It is possible for learners to sit the core component assessment up to three times. Most students were entered for the core assessment in summer 2021. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Teacher Assessed Grades were used in place of planned assessments. The data presented includes the highest grade achieved for learners who have made more than one attempt at the assessment. 

A partial achievement indicates that a learner has completed and passed at least one of the three components of a T Level but has not completed and passed all three. It is expected a portion of these learners will complete following the academic year and receive a formal certificate or statement of achievement at that point.

Temporary flexibilities were introduced for 2020 cohort of learners' industry placements, to recognise the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Whilst data are presented split by gender and T Level subject, the male/female split of learners was uneven for all three subject areas. For this reason, users should take caution when making comparisons between the pass rates for males and females within or between T Level pathways. 

A small number of learners whose gender was not provided are excluded from this analysis to protect confidentiality.