Academic Year 2018/19

Multi-academy trust performance measures at key stage 2

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This release presents performance measures for multi-academy trusts (MATs). A MAT must have at least three schools that have been with the MAT for at least three years and have results in 2018/19 to be included. Where an academy sponsor oversees more than one MAT, results are presented under the sponsor rather than the individual constituent MATs. School figures are weighted according to the length of time they have been in the MAT and their total cohort size to produce MAT level figures.

The MAT performance measures at key stage 2 are the percentage of pupils reaching the expected standard in all of reading, writing and maths (combined), and individual progress measures in reading, writing and maths. The number of eligible MATs included in the key stage 2 measures has increased from 240 in 2017/18 to 297 in 2018/19. This is an increase from 1,408 to 1,788 schools, and from 56,367 to 74,037 pupils. This represents 12% of the state-funded mainstream key stage 2 pupil cohort and 34% of the mainstream academies key stage 2 pupil cohort.

MAT performance data should not be used to infer performance of the MAT system as a whole. This is explained further in the About this release section. More information on the calculation of the measures, eligibility and limitations of the measures is contained in the accompanying quality and methodology document.

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