Academic Year 2018/19

Key stage 4 destination measures

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  1. Release updated with revised 2018/19 destinations data. Adjustment made to the processing of further education destinations data.

These statistics show the percentage of pupils continuing to a sustained education, apprenticeship or employment destination in the year after completing key stage 4 study (after year 11).

The release also provides information on destination outcomes for different groups of pupils and education providers.

This data was revised in January 2021 to include the latest available results data. This data is used to identify pupils who continued their studies in independent schools. The revision led to no overall change in the national headline but it did raise sustained rates of 580 individual providers.

The revision was also used to make an adjustment to how further education data is processed. This led to an overall 3 percentage point decrease in general FE destinations and a corresponding 3 percentage point rise in sixth form college destinations (state-funded mainstream school leavers).

Headline facts and figures - 2018/19

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