Reporting Year 2020

Children accommodated in secure children's homes


This release contains statistics on children accommodated in secure children's homes, including:

  • numbers of approved and available places
  • availability and occupancy rates
  • children accommodated by gender, age and length of stay.

Data is reported for England and Wales. Information is taken from the DfE SA1 data return collected from secure children's homes. 

Figures for 2020 relate to the reference date of 29 February to reflect the position in secure children's homes before they were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the national lockdown. For all other years, figures relate to the position at 31 March.

Headline facts and figures - 2020

Figures relate to 29 February 2020, for England and Wales. Comparative figures for 2019 and earlier relate to 31 March.

  • Places approved for use decreased to 252 places, slightly down 7 places from 259 last year.
  • Children accommodated in the secure children's homes were up by 7% (up by 12 children) to 184.
  • Approved places available for use - 90% up from 88%.
  • Approved places that were occupied - 73% - up from 66%.
  • Places contracted to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) were similar to last year at 107 places, 80 children were accommodated in these places by the Youth Custody Service (YCS).  This represents 43% of  all placements, up from 38% last year.

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