Academic Year 2019/20

Progression to higher education or training

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These statistics show the percentage of level 3 pupils (e.g. those that studied A levels, tech levels and applied general qualifications) continuing to a sustained education or training destination at level 4 or higher (such as degrees, higher apprenticeships and higher national diplomas) in the year after completing 16 to 18 study.

The release also provides information on destination outcomes for different groups of pupils and education providers.

Headline facts and figures - 2019/20

The proportion of level 3 students that progressed to a level 4 or higher destination increased by 2.5 percentage points compared to the previous year's cohort

This increase is likely due to a change to the cohort's composition following the removal of many vocational qualifications from the list of those included in performance tables. 

Of the 66.2%, their destinations were as follows:

  • 61.9% were studying for a degree (a level 6 qualification)
  • 2.5% were studying qualifications at level 4 or level 5
  • 1.7% were participating in an apprenticeship at level 4 or higher

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