Academic Year 2018/19

Higher Level Learners in England

Data guidance



This document describes the data included in the Higher Level Learners in England, 2018/19 ad hoc statistical release’s underlying data files. 


This release refers only to learners in England doing study aims at education levels 4 to 8

Analysis is presented for English domiciled learners to reflect funding eligibility more closely and allow for consistent comparisons across both HESA and ILR sources.

Most of the data included in this release refers to academic year 2018/19. More recent data for 2019/20 are available from HESA and ESFA (in the ILR), but further data processing will be required before they can be included in the statistical release. Time series data for academic years 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 has also been included at summary level.

Rounding and suppression

The Code of Practice for Official Statistics requires DfE to take reasonable steps to ensure that its published or disseminated statistics protect confidentiality.

Throughout the publication, all numbers are rounded to the nearest 5 to preserve confidentiality. Percentages are calculated on pre-rounded data but are not published if they are fractions of a small group of people (fewer than 22.5).

Due to rounding, it is possible that the sum of the category percentages may not always total to 100%.

Data files

All data files associated with this releases are listed below with guidance on their content. To download any of these files, please visit our data catalogue.