Academic Year 2017/18

FE learners going into employment and learning destinations by local authority district

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Supplementary data from the ‘Further education: outcome-based success measures 2017/18’ publication.

The numbers (rather than rates) of learners that are counted in each measure, broken down by local authority district level are presented here.

The provision of this data allows users to calculate accurate rates by aggregating learner counts at local authority district level to higher levels of geography.

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Headline facts and figures - 2017/18

The ‘Further education: outcome-based success measures’ does not currently publish at a level compatible with Skills Advisory Panels (SAPs) geography boundaries. The statistics in the main publication are only presented as percentages (rounded to the nearest whole number) therefore any attempt to use local authority district figures to calculate the measures at more aggregated levels of geography carry a degree of inaccuracy. 

Publishing the numbers of learners in each measure in addition to the rates allows users, including SAPs, to accurately calculate rates at other geographic levels, by aggregating data from local authority district level.

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