Academic year 2017/18

FE learners going into employment and learning destinations by local authority district

Data guidance



The FE outcome-based success measures present statistics on the employment, earnings and learning outcomes of FE learners. This publication covers learners that achieved apprenticeships, adult (19+) FE and Skills learners and completers of traineeships in 2017/18, and tracks their outcomes in the following academic year, 2018/19.

The data uses the longitudinal education outcomes (LEO) study, which looks at how learners move through education and into the labour market by bringing together:

  • schools, further and higher education information from the Department for Education (DfE)
  • employment information from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • benefit histories from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)


This publication reports on the employment and learning destinations of ESFA funded further education learners from 2013/14 to 2017/18. Included in this cohort are:

  • All apprenticeship learners
  • All traineeship learners
  • Adult (aged 19+) further education and skills learners

File formats and conventions

The underlying data files are provided in comma separated value (csv) format.

Whole numbers are rounded to the nearest 10, percentages are provided to the nearest whole number. Figures have been suppressed with the value ‘c’ for numbers lower than 6, and percentages where the numerator is less than 3 or the denominator is less than 6.

Data files

All data files associated with this releases are listed below with guidance on their content. To download any of these files, please visit our data catalogue.

Number of FE learners going into employment and learning destinations by local authority district

Geographic levels
Local authority district; National; Regional
Time period
2013/14 to 2017/18

Reports on the employment, and learning destinations of adult FE & Skills learners, and all age apprentices that achieved their learning aim, and Traineeship learners that completed their aim.Includes earnings data one year after learning for learners achieving at Full level 2, Full level 3 and level 4+.

Broken down by local authority district.

Variable names and descriptions

Variable names and descriptions for this file are provided below:

Variable nameVariable description
AnyLearnAny learning
AppSustained apprenticeship
AppAdvancedPlusAdvanced apprenticeship (Level 3 or above)
AppIntermediateIntermediate apprenticeship (Level 2)
BelowL2Below Level 2 (excluding English & Maths)
BenefitsIn receipt of benefits only
EmpSustained employment
EmpAndLearnSustained employment and learning
EmpOnlySustained employment only
EngMathEnglish & Maths
FESustained further education
FullLevel2Full Level 2
FullLevel3Full Level 3
HESustained higher education (Level 6+)
LearnSustained learning
LearnOnlySustained learning only
Level2Level 2
Level3Level 3
Level4PlusLevel 4/5
NoDestNo activity captured in data
NotAssignedLevel not assigned
NotSustainedDestination not sustained
NotSustainedBenefitDestination not sustained and in receipt of benefits
NotSustainedNBDestination not sustained and not on benefits
NumberOfMatchedLearnersNumber of learners matched to LEO data
SPDSustained positive destination
  1. A number of unmatched learners were counted in error for the 'Destination not sustained', 'In receipt of benefits only' and 'No activity captured in data' measures. As such the total number of learners in the measures 'Sustained positive destination', 'Destination not sustained', 'In receipt of benefits only' and 'No activity captured in data' exceeds the total number of matched learners. The magnitude of this issue is less than 4,000 learners at a national level.