Reporting Year 2021

Children accommodated in secure children's homes

Data guidance



This document describes the data included in the 'Children accommodated in secure children's homes: 31 March 2021' National Statistics release’s underlying data files. This data is released under the terms of the Open Government License and is intended to meet at least three stars for Open Data.

The methodology document for this subject should be referenced alongside this release. It provides information on the data sources, their coverage and quality and how the data is produced.


This release contains statistics on children accommodated in secure children's homes in England and Wales, including:

  • numbers of approved and available places
  • availability and occupancy rates
  • children accommodated by gender, age, ethnicity and length of stay.

Information is taken from the DfE SA1 data return collected from secure children's homes. 

Figures relate to the position at 31 March except for 2020 when the reference date was changed to 29 February to reflect the position in secure children's homes before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the national lockdown.

File formats and conventions

The following symbols have been used in this release:

  • ‘c’ figure suppressed to protect confidentiality. There may be some secondary suppression.
  • ‘z’ for not applicable

For percentages:

  • where the numerator or denominator is small then the figure is replaced by ‘c’
  • they may not sum to 100% due to rounding

Please note: Users are advised to be cautious if pivoting the csv tables in Excel – suppressed and not applicable cells may be represented as ‘0’ (zero).

Data files

All data files associated with this releases are listed below with guidance on their content. To download any of these files, please visit our data catalogue.