Academic year 2022/23

Apprenticeships and 19-plus Further Education Skills Index

Pre-release access list


Besides Department for Education (DfE) professional and production staff, the following post holders were given pre-release access up to 24 hours before release.

  • Permanent Secretary
  • Secretary of State, DfE
  • Minister for Skills, Apprenticeships and Higher Education
  • Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for the School System)
  • Special advisers (x4)
  • Director General for Skills
  • Director of FE Oversight
  • Director of Apprenticeships and Skills Bootcamps
  • Director of Skills Strategy and Engagement
  • Head of Profession for Statistics
  • Head of Skills Strategy and Stakeholder Unit
  • Head of Skills Delivery 
  • Head of Skills Strategy Unit
  • Head of Apprenticeships Content Policy
  • Apprenticeships parliamentary team policy official
  • Chief Media officer
  • Media officer