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    Further education and skills
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    Further education and skills learners - deprivation
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    • England
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    Row groups
    Row group 1
    Row group 2
    One (most deprived)
    Five (least deprived)
    Column groups
    Column group 1
    Total Participation
    Participation Basic skills
    Participation Below Level 2 (excluding Basic skills)
    Participation Full Level 2
    Participation Full Level 3
    Participation Level 2
    Participation Level 3
    Participation Level 4+
    Participation No Level Assigned
    Column group 2
    This data is not from the latest release
    View latest data: Academic Year 2021/22
    WarningSome rows and columns are not shown in this table as the data does not exist in the underlying file.
    'Further education and skills learners - deprivation' for 19-24, 25-49, 50+, Adult, Education and Training and 6 other filters in England for 2020/21
    Total ParticipationParticipation Basic skillsParticipation Below Level 2 (excluding Basic skills)Participation Full Level 2Participation Full Level 3Participation Level 2Participation Level 3Participation Level 4+Participation No Level Assigned
    2020/21One (most deprived)70,860186,29033,170290,31021,74070,3709,340101,44023,32051,50012,60087,4203,2605,5603809,19011,5107,84033019,69031,37090,55015,590137,51017,17022,0601,78041,0007902,6204103,8207,6303,59079012,010
    Five (least deprived)21,47052,26018,37092,1004,32010,1801,80016,3005,9509,1405,72020,8101,1601,7402403,1403,9902,1801706,33010,51035,26011,10056,8605,9506,13098013,0606601,4004202,4801,7903807002,880


    1. Volumes are rounded to the nearest 10. If shown, '~' indicates a base value of between 1 and 4, whilst 0 indicates a true zero
    2. From 2016/17, some learners who would have previously been included in full level 2 and full level 3, have been reclassified. Please see the methodology document for further information
    3. Age is based on age as at 31 August of the academic year
    4. Education and Training includes Traineeships
    5. Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) Quintiles from 2014/15 to 2018/19 are based on the 2015 IMD rank of the learner's home postcode. IMD quintiles from 2019/20 onwards are based on the 2019 IMD rank of the learner's home postcode
    6. Unknown IMD Quintile refers to a learner with a postcode that does not match to lower super output area
    7. Geography is based upon the home postcode of the learner. Where the postcode is outside of England, learners are included in the 'Other' category. Where postcode is not known this is also included in the 'Other' category
    8. Basic skills total excludes Essential Digital Skills qualifications, unless otherwise specified
    9. Total participation is the count of learners that participated at any point during the stated academic period. Learners undertaking more than one course will appear only once in the grand total

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