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    Progression to higher education or training
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    Progression to higher education and training - National level
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    'Progression to higher education and training - National level' for Female, Male and Percentage in England for 2017/18
    Sustained a level 4 or higher destination68.763.3
    Progression score0.9-1.0
    Academic/AGQ students who sustained L4+ destination75.170.6
    Academic/AGQ progression score1.0-1.2
    Other level 3 students who sustained L4+ destination46.943.2
    Other level 3 progression score1.0-0.9
    Tech level students who sustained L4+ destination36.744.9
    Tech level progression score-3.14.2

    Footnotes for undefined

    1. State-funded mainstream schools & colleges covers all state-funded mainstream schools, academies, free schools, city technology colleges (CTCs), sixth forms and other FE sector colleges. Excludes alternative provision, special schools, other government department funded colleges and independent schools.
    2. Other level 3 qualifications are those that are not included elsewhere in 16-18 performance tables.

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