Data set from Outcomes for children in need, including children looked after by local authorities in England

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Destinations after completing Key Stage 4 by social care group.

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Children's social care
Outcomes for children in need, including children looked after by local authorities in England
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Geographic levels
  • Total number of pupils at the end of key stage 4
  • Total number of pupils in sustained education, employment & apprenticeships
  • Percentage in sustained education, employment & apprenticeships
  • Social care group
Time period
2016/17 to 2020/21

Data set preview

Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
202021Academic yearNationalE92000001EnglandCIN at 31 March22100165407514550667610342100109304391018120110705252011150160kcc380280k3001161074840221650719209127067203650380k
202021Academic yearNationalE92000001EnglandCINO at 31 March1287097007584706640603213001054042570208014403193015100130kcc190240k16011030827702296071060875064003370330k
202021Academic yearNationalE92000001EnglandCPPO at 31 March19701280651050536603317097041508cc70470310kcc0040210k30219010610311901024012180980470310k
202021Academic yearNationalE92000001EnglandCLA at 31 March7400566077512069293040660932041210164015708530750130k001502401110240051490205007630935052503210340k
202021Academic yearNationalE92000001EnglandCLA 12 months at 31 March60604810794360722500415809280510101730k4608460840120k001302301100233051100183906470824041603130230k

Variables in this data set

Table showing first 5 of 48 variables
Variable nameVariable description
pt_all_notsustPercentage not recorded as a sustained destination
pt_all_unknownPercentage with activity not captured
pt_all_workPercentage in sustained employment destination
pt_appl2Percentage in intermediate apprenticeships (level 2)
pt_appl3Percentage in advanced and Higher apprenticeships (level 3 and above)


  1. The destinations figures in this release are not directly comparable to the all pupils figures in the national publication as the social care destination figures include additional institutions. For example, other institutions include: independent schools, independent special schools and secure units. More detailed information on the destinations data published within this release is available in the accompanying methodology.

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