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Revenue funding to state-funded schools in England for pupils aged 5-16, in cash and real terms, 2010-11 to 2024-25

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This data file contains time series data, running from 2010-11 to 2024-25, of revenue funding to state-funded schools in England for pupils aged 5-16. Data is in both cash terms and real terms (2023-24 prices). The data file also contains the GDP deflator index figures used to construct the real terms series.

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Finance and funding
School funding statistics
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Geographic levels
  • GDP deflator index
  • Per pupil funding, 2023-24 terms, £
  • Per pupil funding, 2023-24 terms, annual growth in funding, %
Time period
2010-11 to 2024-25

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
201011Financial yearNationalE92000001England35000z48500zzz5180z7170zzz676100072.2
201112Financial yearNationalE92000001England357002.1487000.40.4z52701.7717000z678800073.5
201213Financial yearNationalE92000001England366002.5490000.61z53601.871700-0.1z683400074.8
201314Financial yearNationalE92000001England3770034950012z54601.971700-0.1z690200076.2
201415Financial yearNationalE92000001England387002.6501001.43.4z55501.672000.40.4z696700077.2

Variables in this data set

Table showing first 5 of 14 variables
Variable nameVariable description
Annual_growth_in_funding_202324terms_%School funding, 2023-24 terms, annual growth in funding, %
Annual_growth_in_funding_cashterms_%School funding, cash terms, annual growth in funding, %
Annual_growth_in_per_pupil_funding_202324terms_%Per pupil funding, 2023-24 terms, annual growth in funding, %
Annual_growth_in_per_pupil_funding_cashterms_%Per pupil funding, cash terms, annual growth in funding, %
Cumulative_growth_in_funding_since_201011_202324terms_%School funding, 2023-24 terms, cumulative growth since 2010-11, %


  1. The following funding elements in 2024-25 are included in the figures: Dedicated schools grant (including the schools block, most of the high needs block, the teachers’ pay additional grant, safety valve funding, and the central school services block (CSSB), but excluding the early years block and post-16 funding in the high needs block); Pre-16 high needs place funding in non-maintained special schools, special and alternative provision free schools; Pupil premium; Early career framework grant.
  2. Data relates to state-funded providers, including mainstream primary and secondary schools, special schools, alternative provision, pupil referral units and non-maintained special schools.
  3. Funding for 2024-25 is based on a combination of published funding allocations, the budget settlements agreed at the 2021 Spending Review and later announcements including the 2022 Autumn Statement, and some estimates of small grant and high needs spending.
  4. Pupil number counts are taken from the January preceding each financial year. 
  5. Published in January 2024 by HM Treasury.

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