Data set from Level 2 and 3 attainment age 16 to 25

Level 2 and 3 attainment - ages 16 to 19 by local authority district

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Local authority district, Opportunity area and regional level figures for the number of young people in the state sector who reached Level 2/3 or Level 2 with English and maths by age ,qualification type, disadvantaged status and FSM. 

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School and college outcomes and performance
Level 2 and 3 attainment age 16 to 25
Release type
Geographic levels
Local authority, Local authority district, National, Opportunity area, Regional
  • Level 2
  • Level 2 in English
  • Level 2 in English and Maths
  • Age
  • Characteristic
  • Numbers or percentages
Time period
2016/17 to 2020/21

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
201617Academic yearLocal authority districtE92000001EnglandE07000167Ryedale16TotalTotalTotalTotalPercentage510::77.4509803979.0196078470.39215686:::
201617Academic yearLocal authority districtE92000001EnglandE07000168Scarborough16TotalTotalTotalTotalPercentage1142::60.7705779364.623467652.62697023:::
201617Academic yearLocal authority districtE92000001EnglandE07000169Selby16TotalTotalTotalTotalPercentage933::65.3804930374.3837084760.55734191:::
201617Academic yearLocal authority districtE92000001EnglandE07000170Ashfield16TotalTotalTotalTotalPercentage1353::66.001478268.3665927656.98447894:::
201617Academic yearLocal authority districtE92000001EnglandE07000171Bassetlaw16TotalTotalTotalTotalPercentage1221::74.6109746173.7100737167.64946765:::

Variables in this data set

Table showing first 5 of 13 variables
Variable nameVariable description
ageAge - The academic year shown is the year in which the young person has turned 19, irrespective of the age selected. 19 not 16 refers to young people who had not achieved at 16 but had achieved by 19.
L2_emLevel 2 in English and Maths
L2_engLevel 2 in English
L2_mathsLevel 2 in Maths


  1. In these statistics AS levels count for 25% of Level 3 and can be aggregated, so that four AS levels or two AS levels and one A level (which counts as 50% of Level 3) are counted as achievement of Level 3.
  2. Figures for English and maths do not include those from independent schools.
  3. These figures are based on qualifications held at 19 prioritised in the following order: A levels, International Baccalaureates (displayed in the ‘Other’ category), AS levels, Advanced Apprenticeships (displayed in the ‘Other’ category) and Vocational Qualifications.
  4. See accompanying methodology for definitions of characteristics.

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