Autumn term 2021/22

Pupil absence in schools in England: autumn term

Pre-release access list


Besides Department for Education (DfE) professional and production staff, the following post holders were given pre-release access up to 24 hours before release.

Secretary of State for Education 
Minister of State for School Standards 
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families
Permanent Secretary 
Deputy Permanent Secretary
Special Adviser (x2)
Director, Strategy, Social Mobility & Disadvantage Group
Deputy Director, Early Years Schools and SEND Analysis and Research
Grade 6, SBAEA analysis
Grade 7, SBAEA analysis 
Assistant Director (G6), Behaviour and Attendance
Grade 7, School Attendance Policy
HEO, School Attendance Policy
Grade 7, Covid Attendance response
HEO, Covid Attendance response
Media Officer, Press Office (x3)
Deputy Director, Schools Covid Response
Director, Schools Covid Response
Director General, COVID Response
G6, Schools Covid Response (x2)
Grade 6, Covid attendance in educational settings
Grade 7, Covid attendance in educational settings