Academic year 2018/19

Parental responsibility measures

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Parental responsibility measures underlying data

Geographic levels
Local authority; National; Regional
Time period
2009/10 to 2018/19


Variable names and descriptions

Variable names and descriptions for this file are provided below:

Variable nameVariable description
case_managementTotal number of cases of attendance case management
case_management_prosecutedNumber of cases of attendance case management prosecuted
case_management_withdrawn_att_improvedReason for withdrawal of cases: attendance improved
case_management_withdrawn_before_prosecutionNumber of cases of attendance case management withdrawn
case_management_withdrawn_otherReason for withdrawal of cases: other reason
enrolmentsTotal number of pupil enrolments
parenting_contracts_acceptedNumber of parenting contracts that were accepted by parent
parenting_contracts_offeredNumber of parenting contracts offered
parenting_orders_grantedNumber of parenting orders made by the courts
parenting_orders_implementedNumber of parenting orders implemented
parenting_orders_not_imp_breachbyparentReason for not implementing parenting orders: breach by parent
parenting_orders_not_imp_lackofprovisionReason for not implementing parenting orders: lack of provision
parenting_orders_not_imp_prosecutionNumber of parenting orders not implemented
pn_issuedTotal number of penalty notices (PNs) for unauthorised absences issued
pn_issued_rateRate of penalty notices (PNs) for unauthorised absences issued per 100 enrolments
pn_paidTotal number of penalty notices paid within 28 days
pn_paid_21Number of penalty notices paid within 21 days
pn_paid_22_28Number of penalty notices paid between 22-28 days
pn_prosecuted_non_paymentNumber of prosecutions following non-payment of penalty notice
pn_unresolvedNumber of unresolved cases at the end of the period
pn_withdrawnNumber of penalty notices withdrawn
reason_pn_holsMain reason for issue: Unauthorised family holiday absence
reason_pn_lateMain reason for issue: Arriving late
reason_pn_otherMain reason for issue: Absence due to other unauthorised circumstances
supervision_orders_inadditiontoprosecutionNumber of education supervision orders issued in addition to prosecution
supervision_orders_inplaceofprosecutionNumber of education supervision orders issued in place of prosecution
supervision_orders_totalTotal number of education supervision orders issued
withdrawn_reason_conductReason for withdrawal: Issued outside of the terms of the local code of conduct
withdrawn_reason_expiry_no_legalReason for withdrawal: Where after the expiry of 28 days the penalty is unpaid and local authority do not wish to bring legal proceedings under s44
withdrawn_reason_material_errorReason for withdrawal: It appeared that the notice contains material errors
withdrawn_reason_wrong_issueReason for withdrawal: It ought not to have been issued or issued to the person named as the recipient
  1. Number of pupil enrolments includes pupils on the school roll for at least one session who are aged between 5 and 15, excluding boarders. Some pupils may be counted more than once (if they moved schools during the academic year or are registered in more than one school).
  2. The total number of supervision orders issued was collected and published for the first time in 2016/17.