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The 2021 interactive scorecards can be found here:

The host platform for the scorecards is a new service still undergoing development. To help us improve the service, please provide feedback using this feedback form.

These scorecards display a snapshot of the progress each local authority across England is making towards ensuring there are sufficient good quality school places.

Information is included on: 

  • how many places have been delivered between 2018/19 and 2020/21
  • the quality of places delivered between 2018/19 and 2020/21
  • places planned for delivery for 2023/24
  • the DfE’s estimate of places still needed for 2023/24
  • basic need capital funding allocated to each local authority to create new places for 2011 to 2024
  • accuracy of local authorities’ latest pupil forecasts for 2021/22
  • how well parental preference was met in September 2021
  • the national average cost of providing places, adjusted for regional location factors 

To reduce burden on schools and local authorities during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, School Capacity data was not collected in 2020 and therefore the 2020 scorecards were not produced. This is, therefore, the first scorecard in the series covering a period of the pandemic.

Due to the impact of the pandemic on available data sources, caution should be taken when using the 2021 scorecard and in making comparisons to previous scorecards. Caveats for each metric are provided on the Homepage in the scorecard itself. 

Warning: the scorecards relate to a snapshot as at summer 2021, when local authorities submitted their School Capacity Survey returns.  There have been significant changes in demand for school places since then and so the scorecards cannot be used to make a judgement about current supply and demand.

All underlying data files can be found in the ‘Explore data and files’ dropdown below. Scorecard summary data can be found in ‘All supporting files’.

Headline facts and figures - 2021

This release has been made to share the interactive scorecard and underlying data on the Explore Education Statistics platform. The scorecards display a snapshot of the progress local authorities are making in delivering good quality school places. You can use the scorecards to view the progress for England as a whole or any individual local authority. No commentary is usually made alongside this data or the scorecard, but it complements the main School Capacity release in which headlines can be found. 

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