Financial year 2022-23

LA and school expenditure

Pre-release access list


Besides Department for Education (DfE) professional and production staff, the following post holders were given pre-release access up to 24 hours before release.

Prime minister
Secretary of State 
Minister of State
Minister for Children, Families and Wellbeing
Minister for the School System and Finance
Schools, Children and Families Special Adviser
Parliamentary and communications Special Adviser
Social Media and Digital Comms Special Adviser
Permanent Secretary
Children's Social Care Local Government Funding Policy adviser
Deputy director, Funding policy unit 
Deputy Head of Profession for Statistics 
Economist - Local Government Funding team
Financial associate - Early Years Funding Team 
Funding officer - Funding Data and Financial Monitoring Team
Grade 6 - Data Insight Division
Grade 6 - Funding policy unit 
Grade 7 - Early Years Funding team
Grade 7 - EarlyYears Sufficiency and Entitlements Division
Grade 7 - High Needs Funding
Grade 7 - High Needs SEN funding
Grade 7 - Local Government Funding
Head of Data and Quality Assurance - AMSG funding division
Head of Early Years Funding
Head of Profession for Statistics 
Media Officer
Operational Researcher  - Children's Social Care Analysis
Policy adviser - VMFI
Policy Advisor - Early Years Funding Policy Unit
Policy advisor - family hubs programme
Programme Delivery Lead - ESFA
SARDIS Director
School Funding and Regulation.
Senior executive officer - Funding Data and Financial Monitoring Team
Senior Press Officer
Team Leader - Operational Research