Academic year 2022/23

Key stage 4 performance

Pre-release access list


Besides Department for Education (DfE) professional and production staff, the following post holders were given pre-release access up to 24 hours before release.

Secretary of State for Education, Private Office
Permanent Secretary, Private Office
Minister for Schools
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State
Senior Private Secretary to the Minister for Schools
Special Advisers, Private Office
Special Advisers, Private Office
SEO - Media Officer - Education and Schools
Social media comms
DD - Intervention, Faith and Accountability Division; School Strategy and System Reform
G6 - School's Strategy Unit
G7 - School's Strategy Unit
Director - School's Strategy Unit
DD - School Strategy Unit
SEO - School Strategy Unit
G6 - Exams 2022/23
G7 - Exams 2022/23
SEO -  Exams 2022/23
G6 - Head of Disadvantage Insights, Support and Capability
G6 - EBacc and Arts Unit (HEALD)
G7 - re geography, history, art and design and related arts GCSEs/equivalents
G6 - policy lead for Maths & Science
G6 - policy lead for English
G6 - EBacc, languages and RE
SEO - EBacc, languages and RE
G7 - English Curriculum Policy
HEO - English Curriculum Policy
G6 - Qualifications, Curriculum, Extra-curricular, Pastoral, Attainment and Disparities Analysis Unit 
G7 - Disadvantage analysis
G7 - Strategic attainment and recovery analysis 
EO - Strategic attainment and recovery analysis 
Director - Policy & Strategic Relationships of General Qualifications, General Qualifications, Ofqual
Associate Director - GQ Policy and Strategic Relationships, Ofqual
Chief Regulator - Ofqual
Chair - Ofqual
DG - Regions Group
G6 - Head of Delivery
G6 - Head of data and analysis unit
G7 – Data and Analysis Unit
SEO – Data and Analysis Unit
HEO – Data and Analysis Unit
Senior Analytical Officer - Ofsted
DG for schools group