Academic year 2023/24

Key stage 2 attainment: National headlines

Pre-release access list


Besides Department for Education (DfE) professional and production staff, the following post holders were given pre-release access up to 24 hours before release.

Secretary of State for Education
Minister of State for Schools
SpAd x 2
Permanent Secretary
Director General, Schools Group
Director General, Strategy Group
SEO, Private Secretary to Tony Foot
DD, Communications Group
G6, Media Officer
SEO, Senior Media Officer
HEO, Media Officer , Communications Group
G6, Strategic communications
G7, Strategic communications
G7, News and social media
HEO, News and social media
SEO, News and social media
G7, Strategic communications and campaigns
CEO, Standards and Testing Agency (STA)
DD, Assessment Research and Development (STA)
DD, KS2 assessments, STA
DD, School Strategy Unit
G6, School Strategy Unit
G6, School Strategy Unit
G6, International Evidence and Trade
G7, International Evidence and Trade
SEO, International Evidence and Trade
Director, Curriculum and General Qualifications, Schools group
DD, Schools Group
G6, Head of Ebacc, Languages and RE, HEALD
G6, Head of English
Grade 7, English Curriculum Policy Lead, HEALD
HEO, English Curriculum policy
HEO, Pre-16 Maths Curriculum Policy Team
Pre-16 Maths Curriculum Policy Team
HEO, Science Curriculum Policy Advisor
DD, STEM education, Schools Group
DD, Schools and funding analysis
DD, Disadvantage Policy Unit
HEO, Disadvantaged and place
G6, Disadvantaged and strategic policy
G7, Disadvantaged and strategic policy
HEO, Disadvantaged and strategic policy
HEO, Disadvantaged and strategic policy
Senior Manager, Regulation of National Assessments, Ofqual
Director of Policy and Strategic Relationships, Ofqual 
Deputy Chief Regulator of Ofqual
Chair of Ofqual
Executive Director General Qualifications
Director, Accountabillity policy