Academic year 2022/23

Key stage 2 attainment: National headlines

Data guidance



This file contains key stage 2 national level data on the percentage of pupils meeting the expected standard in: 

  • reading, writing and maths
  • reading test
  • maths test 
  • grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) test 
  • writing teacher assessment
  • science teacher assessment.

It also includes national average scaled scores for reading, maths, and grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS).

The publication methodology, linked to at the bottom of the publication, should be referenced alongside this data. It provides information on the data sources, their coverage and quality, as well as explaining methodology used in producing the data. 


This publication provides information on assessment outcomes at the end of key stage 2 for all schools. 

File formats and conventions

This dataset has been rounded to 0 decimal places. 

Data files

All data files associated with this releases are listed below with guidance on their content. To download any of these files, please visit our data catalogue.

Key stage 2 national data

Geographic levels
Time period
2015/16 to 2022/23

This file contains national level data on the percentage of pupils meeting the expected standard in key stage 2 assessments in England. 

Variable names and descriptions

Variable names and descriptions for this file are provided below:

Variable nameVariable description
avg_gpsscoreGrammar, punctuation and spelling test
avg_matscoreMaths test
avg_readscoreReading test
pt_gps_expGrammar, punctuation and spelling
pt_rwm_expReading, writing and maths