Reporting Year 2020

Children looked after in England including adoptions

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  1. Correction to the metadata relating to the "LA - Children who started to be looked after during the year" dataset.

  2. Correction made to 2018 and 2019 data in "Children looked after at 31 March with three or more placements during the year, or aged under 16 at 31 March who had been looked after continuously for at least 2.5 years and who were living in the same placement for at least 2 years" dataset.

  3. Additional footnotes added

  4. Local authority level data on placement stability and local authority level data for care leavers have been added.

  5. Correction to metadata for LA level 'children ceasing to be looked after' file

Information on children looked after in England, including numbers of looked after children adopted, care leavers and looked after children who are missing. Data is taken from the annual SSDA903 data collection.

Although the majority of this data relates to before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there could be a small effect on these figures due to the impact the pandemic had on social work practice in the second half of March 2020. The vulnerable children and young people survey has been collecting information from local authorities in England to help understand the how the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak affected children’s social care.

Figures relate to the year ending 31 March 2020 unless otherwise stated.

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