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'National characteristics data' from 'Key stage 4 performance'

'National characteristics data' for All state-funded, SEN State EHC and SEN Supp in England between 2018/19 and 2022/23
Total number of pupils at the end of key stage 4Total542,621561,994575,863587,660606,915
SEN State EHC20,37321,84223,28424,85326,998
SEN Supp56,58860,25163,92667,54673,133
Percentage of pupils achieving grades 5 or above in English and mathematics GCSEsTotal43.2%49.9%51.9%49.8%45.3%
SEN State EHC5.5%6.5%7.8%7.0%6.9%
SEN Supp16.8%20.5%22.2%22.5%20.7%
Average Attainment 8 score of all pupilsTotal46.750.250.948.846.3
SEN State EHC13.715.215.714.314.0
SEN Supp32.636.436.734.933.3
Percentage of pupils achieving grades 4 or above in English and mathematics GCSEsTotal64.6%71.2%72.2%68.8%65.1%
SEN State EHC11.1%14.1%15.8%13.5%13.0%
SEN Supp32.3%39.9%42.1%39.1%36.9%


  1. All state-funded schools include local authority maintained mainstream schools, academies, free schools, city technology colleges, further education colleges with provision for 14 to 16 year-olds and state-funded special schools. They exclude independent schools, independent special schools, non-maintained special schools, hospital schools, pupil referral units and alternative provision. Alternative provision includes academy and free school alternative provision. 
  2. Some zero percentages may represent small numbers due to rounding.

Source: Key stage 4 performance, National characteristics data

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