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'National absence by characteristics' from 'Pupil absence in schools in England'

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'National absence by characteristics' for SEN provision No identified SEN, SEN provision SEN Support, SEN provision SEN without statement, SEN provision Statement or EHCP, SEN provision Unclassified and 1 other filter in England between 2012/13 and 2018/19
SEN ProvisionSEN provision No identified SENOverall absence rate4.78%4.07%4.22%4.22%4.28%4.42%4.31%
Authorised absence rate3.91%3.18%3.29%3.21%3.15%3.20%3.04%
Unauthorised absence rate0.87%0.89%0.93%1.01%1.13%1.23%1.27%
Percentage of persistent absentees11.19%8.54%9.03%8.80%9.01%9.35%9.02%
SEN provision Statement or EHCPOverall absence rateno datano data7.75%7.68%8.19%8.66%8.72%
Authorised absence rateno datano data6.17%6.13%6.36%6.66%6.60%
Unauthorised absence rateno datano data1.58%1.55%1.83%2.00%2.12%
Percentage of persistent absenteesno datano data22.81%22.57%23.84%25.06%24.59%
SEN provision With statementOverall absence rate8.17%7.48%no datano datano datano datano data
Authorised absence rate6.56%5.92%no datano datano datano datano data
Unauthorised absence rate1.61%1.56%no datano datano datano datano data
Percentage of persistent absentees25.31%21.98%no datano datano datano datano data
SEN provision SEN SupportOverall absence rateno datano data6.18%6.18%6.32%6.52%6.48%
Authorised absence rateno datano data4.43%4.37%4.37%4.44%4.32%
Unauthorised absence rateno datano data1.74%1.81%1.95%2.08%2.15%
Percentage of persistent absenteesno datano data17.86%17.48%17.84%18.30%17.87%
SEN provision SEN without statementOverall absence rate6.91%6.07%no datano datano datano datano data
Authorised absence rate5.07%4.32%no datano datano datano datano data
Unauthorised absence rate1.84%1.75%no datano datano datano datano data
Percentage of persistent absentees21.35%17.53%no datano datano datano datano data
SEN provision UnclassifiedOverall absence rate19.57%18.95%19.61%20.07%19.57%19.69%19.75%
Authorised absence rate10.20%9.29%9.39%9.75%8.81%8.54%8.32%
Unauthorised absence rate9.37%9.66%10.22%10.32%10.76%11.15%11.43%
Percentage of persistent absentees44.08%43.27%42.89%44.46%44.57%44.12%44.71%
TotalOverall absence rate5.26%4.51%4.62%4.57%4.65%4.81%4.73%
Authorised absence rate4.20%3.45%3.55%3.44%3.39%3.45%3.31%
Unauthorised absence rate1.07%1.05%1.07%1.13%1.26%1.36%1.41%
Percentage of persistent absentees13.64%10.67%10.96%10.50%10.79%11.17%10.86%


  1. Absence rates are the number of absence sessions expressed as a percentage of the total number of possible sessions.
  2. Pupil enrolments missing 10 percent or more of their own possible sessions (due to authorised or unauthorised absence) are classified as persistent absentees.
  3. The definition of persistent absence changed from the 2015/16 academic year - The information presented for years prior to 2015/16 has been produced using the same methodology in order to allow users to make comparisons on a consistent basis over time.
  4. The percentage of persistent absentees is the number of persistent absentees expressed as a percentage of the total number of enrolments.
  5. Figures for pupils with unclassified or missing characteristics information should be interpreted with caution.
  6. In September 2014 the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) provisions were introduced in the Children and Families Act 2014. This reform caused changes to SEN categories - Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans were introduced and SEN support replaces school action and school action plus but some pupils remain with these provision types in first year of transition (2014/15).

Source: Pupil absence in schools in England, National absence by characteristics

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