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'Destinations by demographics and provision (NAT01)' from 'Further education outcomes'

'Destinations by demographics and provision (NAT01)' for Education & Training and Not applicable in England between 2018/19 and 2020/21
Sustained employment and learning13%12%13%
Essential Skills8%9%8%
English, Maths & ESOL8%9%8%
Level 26%6%5%
Full Level 22%2%2%
Level 34%4%4%
Intermediate apprenticeship (Level 2)1%0%0%
Essential SkillsTotalLearners225,760186,140155,470
Sustained employment and learning17%16%18%
Essential Skills26%26%28%
English, Maths & ESOL26%26%28%
Level 210%10%11%
Full Level 24%3%4%
Level 32%2%3%
Intermediate apprenticeship (Level 2)0%0%0%
Below Level 2 (excluding Essential Skills)TotalLearners189,510135,350133,010
Sustained employment and learning7%6%8%
Essential Skills2%3%3%
English, Maths & ESOL2%3%3%
Level 25%5%5%
Full Level 22%2%2%
Level 31%1%2%
Intermediate apprenticeship (Level 2)1%0%0%
Level 2 (excluding Essential Skills)TotalLearners304,100242,790277,540
Sustained employment and learning11%10%11%
Essential Skills1%1%1%
English, Maths & ESOL1%1%1%
Level 24%4%3%
Full Level 21%1%1%
Level 36%6%7%
Intermediate apprenticeship (Level 2)1%0%0%

Source: Further education outcomes, Destinations by demographics and provision (NAT01)

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