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'Pupil characteristics - Free school meals' from 'Schools, pupils and their characteristics'

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'Pupil characteristics - Free school meals' for Non-maintained special school, Pupil referral unit, State-funded nursery, State-funded primary, State-funded secondary and 2 other filters in England between 2015/16 and 2020/21
State-funded nurseryHeadcount3,5203,2722,7712,8062,8373,199
FSM - Percentage of pupils8.
State-funded primaryHeadcount672,295663,436649,147745,453835,7761,008,164
FSM - Percentage of pupils14.614.113.815.817.721.6
State-funded secondaryHeadcount420,516414,308405,483468,779543,187660,476
FSM - Percentage of pupils13.212.912.414.115.918.9
State-funded special schoolHeadcount38,60440,04341,71546,21050,95957,925
FSM - Percentage of pupils36.636.536.238.039.843.2
Non-maintained special schoolHeadcount9079518328388611,050
FSM - Percentage of pupils23.825.322.922.822.726.8
Pupil referral unitHeadcount6,2016,3936,6856,8557,1686,784
FSM - Percentage of pupils41.340.840.042.546.653.1
FSM - Percentage of pupils14.314.013.615.417.320.8


  1. Totals include state-funded nursery, primary, secondary and special schools, non-maintained special schools and pupil referral units. Does not include independent schools

Source: Schools, pupils and their characteristics, Pupil characteristics - Free school meals

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