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    Further education and skills
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    Education and training geography - devolved administration (1 year)
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    Mayoral combined authority
    • Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
    • Greater London Authority
    • Greater Manchester
    • Liverpool City Region
    • North East
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    • Participation Below Level 2 (excluding English and maths) (Aug-Jul)
    • Participation English and maths (Aug-Jul)
    • Participation Full Level 2 (Aug-Jul)
    • Participation Full Level 3 (Aug-Jul)
    • Participation Level 2 (Aug-Jul)
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    'Education and training geography - devolved administration (1 year)' in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Greater London Authority, Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, North East and 6 other locations for 2019/20
    Total Participation (Aug-Jul)Participation Below Level 2 (excluding English and maths) (Aug-Jul)Participation English and maths (Aug-Jul)Participation Full Level 2 (Aug-Jul)Participation Full Level 3 (Aug-Jul)Participation Level 2 (Aug-Jul)Participation Level 3 (Aug-Jul)Participation Level 4+ (Aug-Jul)Participation No Level Assigned (Aug-Jul)
    Cambridgeshire and Peterborough9,2502,2603,1602005804,8601,140190150
    Greater London Authority169,02050,63079,4105,0309,88060,37021,6301,7905,270
    Greater Manchester50,13016,89020,1301,6503,77019,4007,9308401,180
    Liverpool City Region29,56011,5608,0701,3102,56013,1604,690680640
    North East46,29015,9708,0601,0702,61026,9205,0905101,160
    Sheffield City Region25,5005,4607,5708301,72013,0904,360980380
    Tees Valley18,5605,2503,6005001,29011,1902,160150340
    West Midlands64,76019,26029,2502,6604,94024,76010,3308701,510
    West of England11,1802,2903,8407007405,6801,580240200
    West Yorkshire43,27012,94014,4401,2002,48021,9405,6508101,140
    Not Applicable407,54097,720108,39015,05029,010226,96059,7708,6009,320

    Footnotes for undefined

    1. Total participation is the count of learners that participated at any point during the year. Learners undertaking more than one course will appear only once in the grand total.
    2. Volumes are rounded to the nearest 10. If shown, '~' indicates a base value of between 1 and 4, whilst 0 indicates a true zero.

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