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    Special educational needs in England
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    02 - Age and Gender, by type of SEN provision and type of need - 2016 to 2021
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    • England
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    2019/20 to 2020/21
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    • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
    • Hearing Impairment
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    • Moderate Learning Difficulty
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    Headcount for '02 - Age and Gender, by type of SEN provision and type of need - 2016 to 2021' for Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Hearing Impairment, Missing, Moderate Learning Difficulty, Multi- Sensory Impairment and 11 other filters in England between 2019/20 and 2020/21
    SEN SupportStatement or EHC
    Autistic Spectrum Disorder67,86770,47482,84792,567
    Hearing Impairment17,17317,0676,0276,148
    Moderate Learning Difficulty211,563203,45429,59231,159
    Multi- Sensory Impairment2,6472,8089651,021
    Other Difficulty/Disability45,93244,5927,0697,841
    Physical Disability23,41722,94413,37113,724
    Profound & Multiple Learning Difficulty91682510,0039,976
    Severe Learning Difficulty3,0012,63430,59331,300
    Social, Emotional and Mental Health194,111195,29439,18945,191
    Specific Learning Difficulty145,878145,1879,94711,610
    Speech, Language and Communications needs236,960245,23242,58949,530
    Visual Impairment9,6229,7273,4113,601
    SEN support but no specialist assessment of type of need40,33342,204no datano data
    Missingno datano data1no data


    1. Totals include state-funded nursery, primary, secondary and special schools, non-maintained special schools and pupil referral units. Does not include independent schools

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