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    Further education and skills
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    Achievement Rates - Subject Demographics by SSA T1, Level, Age, Sex, LLDD, Ethnicity major, Minority ethnic
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    • England
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    2020/21 to 2022/23
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    • Achievement rate
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    • Adult
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    • LLDD - yes
    • Ethnic minorities (excluding white minorities)
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    'Achievement Rates - Subject Demographics by SSA T1, Level, Age, Sex, LLDD, Ethnicity major, Minority ethnic' for Adult, Ethnic minorities (excluding white minorities), Female, LLDD - no, LLDD - unknown and 4 other filters in England between 2020/21 and 2022/23
    LeaversAchievement rate
    LLDDLLDD - yes273,710303,590312,02083.5%84.3%84.6%
    LLDD - no1,053,5301,088,1201,102,38086.0%86.7%87.4%
    LLDD - unknown35,87034,81034,45085.0%86.0%86.4%
    Minority ethnicEthnic minorities (excluding white minorities)499,790587,020614,63084.8%85.9%86.6%


    1. Achievement rates are based on the individual qualification aims that were completed in the relevant year (Hybrid End Year). They are calculated as the number of aims achieved divided by the number started, excluding the aims of any learners that transferred onto another qualification within the same institution.
    2. Achievement rates are calculated according to the Education & Training Qualification Achievement Rate business rules. These documents are available on the website:

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