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    Children looked after in England including adoptions
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    CLA on 31 March who were unaccompanied asylum-seeking children - NATIONAL
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    • England
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    2019 to 2023
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    'CLA on 31 March who were unaccompanied asylum-seeking children - NATIONAL' for 1. Foster placements, 1. Total White, 16 years and over, 1a. White British, 1b. White Irish and 37 other filters in England between 2019 and 2023
    Age groupTotal5,1505,0804,1505,6707,290100%100%100%100%100%
    Under 16 years7607105407201,00015%14%13%13%14%
    16 years and over4,3904,3803,6104,9506,30085%86%87%87%86%
    Category of needTotal5,1505,0804,1505,6707,290100%100%100%100%100%
    N1. Abuse or neglect3503803204005107%7%8%7%7%
    N2. Child's disabilityc000cc0%0%0%c
    N3. Parental illness or disabilitycccccccccc
    N4. Family in acute stress2101701902202804%3%5%4%4%
    N5. Family dysfunction50503030501%1%1%1%1%
    N6. Socially unacceptable behaviour0c00c0%c0%0%c
    N7. Low income30201010101%kkkk
    N8. Absent parenting4,5104,4603,6005,0006,44088%88%87%88%88%
    1. Total White4703802502104309%7%6%4%6%
    1a. White Britishcccc10cccck
    1b. White Irish000000%0%0%0%0%
    1c. Traveller of Irish Heritage000000%0%0%0%0%
    1d. Gypsy Roma0c0000%c0%0%0%
    1e. Any other White background4703802502004209%7%6%4%6%
    2. Total Mixed or Multiple ethnic groups6060701001201%1%2%2%2%
    2a. White and Black Caribbeanc00ccc0%0%cc
    2b. White and Black African30201020201%kkkk
    2c. White and Asian1010201010kkkkk
    2d. Any other Mixed background30304070901%1%1%1%1%
    3. Total Asian or Asian British1,1301,2101,0601,4101,84022%24%26%25%25%
    3a. Indianccc1010ccckk
    3b. Pakistani30403030401%1%1%kk
    3c. Bangladeshiccc10cccckc
    3d. Chinese1010101010kkkkk
    3e. Any other Asian background1,0901,1501,0101,3601,79021%23%24%24%24%
    4. Total Black, African, Caribbean or Black British1,6901,5401,1701,3201,53033%30%28%23%21%
    4a. Caribbeancccccccccc
    4b. African1,5201,3701,0201,1701,35030%27%25%21%19%
    4c. Any other Black background1601701401501803%3%3%3%2%
    5. Total other ethnic group1,7801,8701,5702,5703,20035%37%38%45%44%
    6. Total refused or information not yet available20204070170kk1%1%2%
    6a. Refused00ccc0%0%ccc
    6b. Information not yet obtained20203070170kk1%1%2%
    1. Foster placements2,5702,4601,9802,2302,74050%48%48%39%38%
    2. Living independently1,2901,0006208701,14025%20%15%15%16%
    3. Secure units and children's homes50404040801%1%1%1%1%
    4. Semi-independent living accommodation1,2201,5501,5002,5103,31024%31%36%44%45%
    5. Other placements2030202030k1%kkk


    1. Numbers have been rounded to the nearest 10. Percentages rounded to the nearest whole number. Historical data may differ from older publications which is mainly due to amendments made by local authorities after the previous publication. However, users looking for a longer time series may wish to check for the equivalent table in earlier releases of this publication. Figures exclude children looked after under a series of short-term placements. 
    2. Category of need is the main category of the eight “need codes” at the time the child started to be looked after.

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