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    Further education workforce
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    Average pay of further education workforce
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    • England
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    • Median annual salary for full time permanent or fixed term staff
    Age group
    • 25-29
    • 30-39
    • 40-49
    • 50-59
    • 60 +
    • Total
    Main subject taught
    • Total
    Name of provider type
    • General FE College incl Tertiary
    • Other Public Funded Provider
    • Private Sector Public Funded
    • Sixth Form College
    Type of staff member role
    • Admin
    • Leader
    • Manager
    • Support
    • Teacher
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    Median annual salary for full time permanent or fixed term staff for 'Average pay of further education workforce' for 25-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 + and 10 other filters in England for 2021/22
    Under 2525-2930-3940-4950-5960 +
    TeacherGeneral FE College incl Tertiary£26,006£28,359£32,007£34,192£34,917£35,023
    Sixth Form College£27,537£31,318£41,575£42,149£42,149£42,149
    Private Sector Public Funded£25,148£27,000£28,000£28,367£29,328£30,000
    Other Public Funded Provider£26,446£29,367£36,989£40,521£34,723£30,984
    SupportGeneral FE College incl Tertiary£19,427£21,506£23,217£23,627£23,527£23,091
    Sixth Form College£19,719£20,974£23,511£23,245£22,989£21,942
    Private Sector Public Funded£20,155£22,000£25,487£27,000£28,000£29,000
    Other Public Funded Provider£18,628£20,218£22,101£22,905£22,509£20,852
    AdminGeneral FE College incl Tertiary£19,325£22,626£25,378£26,274£24,779£23,654
    Sixth Form College£20,754£23,730£27,569£28,947£26,439£25,181
    Private Sector Public Funded£20,030£24,000£27,300£28,000£27,000£25,000
    Other Public Funded Provider£20,073£21,603£26,000£27,569£26,782£26,460
    ManagerGeneral FE College incl Tertiaryu£34,191£40,395£41,655£41,843£40,969
    Sixth Form Collegeuu£42,149£45,737£46,285£44,243
    Private Sector Public Funded£29,097£32,640£36,050£38,000£38,000£35,079
    Other Public Funded Providerc£35,411£41,756£41,109£39,901£38,539
    LeaderGeneral FE College incl Tertiaryno datau£56,350£63,604£70,000£76,257
    Sixth Form Collegecc£59,805£63,846£75,350u
    Private Sector Public Fundedu£37,911£49,500£50,704£52,500£48,157
    Other Public Funded Providerno datac£53,455£55,378£60,076£57,995


    1. This release shows data for further education providers in England. The location that a provider is based in has been determined from the main site/head office recorded in the Individualised Learner Record (ILR) database in the Department for Education. This records the main site only and may not cover all locations or regions that a provider operates.
    2. Management roles may include some teaching staff with additional responsibilities, or some managers of staff in support or admin roles. The types of managers may differ across provider types and this could drive differences in management staff pay across provider types.

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