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    Further education and skills
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    Community Learning Latest - Participation, Achievement by Age, Sex, Ethnicity
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    • England
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    • Developing stronger communities
    • Engaging and / or building confidence
    • Equipping parents / carers to support childrens learning
    • Health and well-being
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    Ethnicity Minor
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    Minority Ethnic
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    Participation for 'Community Learning Latest - Participation, Achievement by Age, Sex, Ethnicity' for 19-24, 25-49, 50+, Developing stronger communities, Engaging and / or building confidence and 7 other filters in England for 2023/24
    TotalUnder 1919-2425-4950+Unknown
    Developing stronger communities14,410206406,3307,41010
    Engaging and / or building confidence40,160301,58016,44022,10010
    Equipping parents / carers to support childrens learning14,7402044012,6001,66020
    Health and well-being39,510501,53013,95023,95030
    Improving essential skills including English ESOL Maths and Digital46,610503,36029,81013,37030
    Preparation for employment23,540502,85013,5207,11020
    Preparation for further learning33,550302,14013,60017,77010


    1. Age is based on age as at 31 August of the academic year.
    2. Ethnicity categories have been aligned with the ethnicities recorded in the 2011 UK Census.

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