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    Further education and skills
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    Advanced learner loans - Applications, Loan amount awarded by Sex, Age, UK status, Qualification Type, SSA, Provider Type
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    • England
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    2018/19 to 2022/23
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    • Approved applications
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    • Total loan amount awarded (£000s)
    Qualification type
    • Total
    • 19-23
    • 24-30
    • 31-40
    • 41-50
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    This is the latest data
    'Advanced learner loans - Applications, Loan amount awarded by Sex, Age, UK status, Qualification Type, SSA, Provider Type' for 19-23, 24-30, 31-40, 41-50, 50+ and 5 other filters in England between 2018/19 and 2022/23
    TotalApproved applications68,33061,28055,35042,47034,890
    Received applications77,61069,40062,87049,21040,790
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£200,300£182,400£166,900£130,400£109,200
    Age group19-23Approved applications15,59013,66012,81010,1408,120
    Received applications18,20015,53014,60011,7509,510
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£51,000£45,300£42,600£34,800£27,900
    24-30Approved applications18,69016,10014,81011,0508,170
    Received applications21,41018,49017,08012,9909,730
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£56,300£49,300£45,900£34,600£26,100
    31-40Approved applications20,02018,71016,66012,99010,990
    Received applications22,29021,06018,77014,98012,670
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£55,800£53,400£48,200£37,800£33,000
    41-50Approved applications10,1409,3008,0206,0605,560
    Received applications11,31010,3908,9406,9206,440
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£27,100£25,100£22,200£17,100£16,300
    50+Approved applications3,8903,5103,0502,2302,070
    Received applications4,3803,9303,4802,5702,430
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£10,100£9,300£8,100£6,100£5,900
    UnknownApproved applications10lowlowlowlow
    Received applications201010lowlow
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)lowlowlowlowlow
    GenderFemaleApproved applications49,33044,39041,85032,67026,680
    Received applications55,82050,16047,54037,93031,320
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£139,200£126,700£121,300£97,700£81,900
    MaleApproved applications19,00016,89013,5009,8008,210
    Received applications21,78019,24015,33011,2809,470
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£61,100£55,800£45,700£32,700£27,300
    UK statusNon-UKApproved applications12,02011,0109,3906,4105,750
    Received applications13,28011,95010,2007,0606,310
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£36,100£33,800£29,000£20,200£18,100
    UKApproved applications56,32050,27045,96036,06029,140
    Received applications64,33057,45052,67042,15034,480
    Total loan amount awarded (£000s)£164,200£148,700£138,000£110,200£91,100


    1. 2018/19 data for provider type 'Other public funded' has been revised slightly here to include around 30 applications (received/approved) which were previously included in the 'Private Sector public funded' category.
    2. Applications closed on the following 31 July for each academic year respectively. Final application data is as at 30 September for each academic year (August to July).

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