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    Schools, pupils and their characteristics
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    Pupil characteristics - Ethnicity and Language
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    2019/20 to 2021/22
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    'Pupil characteristics - Ethnicity and Language' for Any other ethnic group, Asian - Any other Asian background, Asian - Bangladeshi, Asian - Chinese, Asian - Indian and 14 other filters in England between 2019/20 and 2021/22
    Any other ethnic group168,758173,423185,3552.02.12.2
    Asian - Any other Asian background158,756161,435170,5721.91.92.0
    Asian - Bangladeshi148,290149,202151,6131.81.81.8
    Asian - Chinese37,73237,94348,3960.50.50.6
    Asian - Indian268,318275,106289,1793.23.33.4
    Asian - Pakistani372,699374,031380,7814.54.54.5
    Black - Any other Black background64,15364,65565,5010.80.80.8
    Black - Black African323,874326,365338,6143.93.94.0
    Black - Black Caribbean86,54383,71282,4021.01.01.0
    Mixed - Any other Mixed background192,731200,996213,5972.32.42.5
    Mixed - White and Asian123,153128,850134,8211.51.51.6
    Mixed - White and Black African70,40373,20276,2620.80.90.9
    Mixed - White and Black Caribbean128,774130,569133,5041.51.61.6
    White - Any other White background558,877565,893575,5406.76.86.8
    White - Gypsy/Roma28,09126,04527,3590.30.30.3
    White - Irish22,44321,89821,4950.30.30.3
    White - Traveller of Irish heritage6,5786,1976,9030.10.10.1
    White - White British5,432,9915,410,0435,379,74865.464.963.9


    1. Totals include state-funded nursery, primary, secondary and special schools, non-maintained special schools and pupil referral units. Does not include independent schools
    2. Totals include pupils in General Hospital Schools, however Ethnicity and Language data is not available for these pupils. Breakdowns may not sum to totals as a result.

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