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    LEO Graduate and Postgraduate Outcomes
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    Underlying data
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    • Great Britain
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    2014-15 to 2020-21
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    • Median earnings of graduates
    Age band at start of study
    • Total
    • EU
    • Non-EU
    • UK
    Ethnicity broad
    • Total
    Ethnicity broad (with Chinese)
    • Total
    Ethnicity detailed
    • Total
    Free school meal status
    • Total
    Graduate sex
    • Female + male
    Local area HE participation grouping
    • Total
    Prior attainment level
    • Total
    Provider type
    • Total
    Qualification level
    • First-degree
    • Level 7 (research)
    • Level 7 (taught)
    • Level 8
    Region prior to HE study
    • Total
    Study mode
    • Total
    Subject studied
    • Total
    Term time residence
    • Total
    Years after graduation
    • 5 YAG
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    This is the latest data
    Median earnings of graduates for 'Underlying data' for 5 YAG, EU, Female + male, First-degree, Level 7 (research) and 4 other filters in Great Britain between 2014-15 and 2020-21
    Level 7 (taught)£32,500£33,300£33,600£34,700£35,800£38,100£39,100
    Level 7 (research)£31,400£31,800£32,700£34,100£32,500£36,600£39,100
    Level 8£37,200£37,700£38,000£38,000£39,800£40,600£41,600
    Level 7 (taught)£28,800£30,000£29,900£31,800£33,200£34,400£35,400
    Level 7 (research)£30,800£30,700£28,500£32,800£31,800£35,100£32,800
    Level 8£36,500£38,400£37,600£37,600£39,100£39,900£41,200
    Level 7 (taught)£30,700£31,100£31,400£32,100£32,800£33,700£35,000
    Level 7 (research)£31,900£31,800£31,000£32,100£33,900£35,100£36,900
    Level 8£36,500£36,600£36,500£36,900£38,000£39,200£40,500


    1. Earnings figures are rounded to the nearest £100
    2. In contrast to the UK domicile section of this release, which looks at matched graduates only, employment and/or further study outcomes for international graduates are calculated as a percentage of all graduates, excluding only those identified by DWP/HMRC or SLC as permanently living overseas.

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