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    AEB - Adult Education Budget
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    Participation for 'AEB - Adult Education Budget' for Below level 2 (excluding essential skills), Essential skills - english and maths, Full level 2, Full level 3, Level 2 and 2 other filters in England for 2023/24
    Essential skills - english and maths223,030
    Below level 2 (excluding essential skills)176,920
    Full level 212,970
    Full level 314,340
    Level 2243,610
    Level 344,700
    No level assigned165,840


    1. Age is based on age as at 31 August of the academic year.
    2. Ages are based upon the age of the learner on 31 August of that particular academic year. Figures from 2016/17 onwards include a small number of learners aged 18 at the start of the academic year but aged 19 at the start of the aim in the 19-24 category. Similarly for previous years, a small number of learners aged 23 at the start of the academic year but aged 24 at the start of the aim are included in the 24 to 30 category.

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