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Pupil to teacher ratios - school level

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Pupil to teacher ratios and pupil to adult ratios in state-funded schools (school level)

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Teachers and school workforce
School workforce in England
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Geographic levels
  • Number of FTE adults
  • Number of FTE pupils
  • Number of FTE qualified teachers
  • Type of school
Time period
2010/11 to 2023/24

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
202324Academic yearSchoolE92000001EnglandE13000001Inner London201E09000001City of London2013614100000The Aldgate SchoolLA maintained primary124411.6212.8229.3421198.3
202324Academic yearSchoolE92000001EnglandE13000001Inner London202E09000007Camden2021048100005Thomas Coram CentreLA maintained nursery1974.424.4228.7721.921.93.4
202324Academic yearSchoolE92000001EnglandE13000001Inner London202E09000007Camden2021100100006Heath SchoolLA maintained special or PRU1499.
202324Academic yearSchoolE92000001EnglandE13000001Inner London202E09000007Camden2021101100007Camden Primary Pupil Referral UnitLA maintained special or PRU11816.616.630.721.11.10.6
202324Academic yearSchoolE92000001EnglandE13000001Inner London202E09000007Camden2022000136807St Luke's Church of England SchoolPrimary free school1986.36.39.9415.615.69.9

Variables in this data set

Table showing first 5 of 9 variables
Variable nameVariable description
adults_fteNumber of FTE adults
number_schoolsNumber of schools
pupil_to_adult_ratioPupil to adult ratio within-schools
pupil_to_qual_teacher_ratioPupil to teacher ratio (Qualified) within-schools
pupil_to_qual_unqual_teacher_ratioPupil to teacher ratio (Qualified and unqualified teachers) within-schools

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