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School sixth form capacity

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School sixth form places as reported voluntarily by local authorities; sixth form pupil numbers on roll from the May School Census. 

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Pupils and schools
School capacity
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Geographic levels
  • Number of pupils on roll
  • Number of school places
  • Reported sixth form places
Time period
2017/18 to 2022/23

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
202223Academic yearSchoolE92000001EnglandE12000001North East390E08000037Gateshead39010003904001141185Thorp AcademySS24014315111410
202223Academic yearSchoolE92000001EnglandE12000001North East390E08000037Gateshead39020003904003147178Grace CollegeSS20010112501212
202223Academic yearSchoolE92000001EnglandE12000001North East390E08000037Gateshead39020003904027137942Lord Lawson of Beamish AcademySS22619414961341
202223Academic yearSchoolE92000001EnglandE12000001North East390E08000037Gateshead39010003904029137360Whickham SchoolSS38331217131668
202223Academic yearSchoolE92000001EnglandE12000001North East390E08000037Gateshead39010003904041108410Kingsmeadow Community Comprehensive SchoolSS6062960941

Variables in this data set

Table showing all 4 variables
Variable nameVariable description
reported_sixth_form_placesReported sixth form places
sixth_form_pupils_on_rollSixth form pupils on roll in schools with reported sixth form capacity
total_pupils_on_rollNumber of pupils on roll
total_school_placesNumber of school places


  1. Number of pupils on roll for reception year group and above. Taken from the May school census for the relevant academic year, or gathered during the school capacity collection if census data was not available for a school.
  2. Includes mainstream state schools with pupils in year groups 12, 13 and 14. Excludes 16-19 only establishments.
  3. Sixth form pupils on roll taken from the May school census for the relevant academic years. In a small number of schools the sixth form pupil on roll may include pupils from separate providers, where no corresponding capacity can be reported for the school in SCAP.
  4. 2019/20 data not available due to the cancellation of the 2020 School Capacity survey due to COVID-19.

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