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Geographical breakdowns - PCON and LAD

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Geographical breakdowns (Local Authority District; National; Parliamentary Constituency) of apprenticeship starts and apprenticeship participation

Academic year: 2016/17 to 2020/21

Indicators:  Starts, Participation

Filters: Apprenticeship level, Age group,Gender, Local Authority District; Parliamentary Constituency

Data set details

Further education
Apprenticeships and traineeships
Release type
Geographic levels
Local authority district, National, Parliamentary constituency
  • Participation
  • Starts
  • Age Group
  • Apprenticeship Level
  • Gender
Time period
2015/16 to 2020/21

Data set preview

Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
201516Academic yearParliamentary constituencyE92000001EnglandE14000660DaventryTotalIntermediate ApprenticeshipFemale280480
201516Academic yearParliamentary constituencyE92000001EnglandE14000722Halesowen and Rowley RegisTotalAdvanced ApprenticeshipFemale190360
201516Academic yearParliamentary constituencyE92000001EnglandE14000653Crewe and Nantwich19-24Intermediate ApprenticeshipFemale120210
201617Academic yearParliamentary constituencyE92000001EnglandE14000831Newcastle upon Tyne CentralTotalIntermediate ApprenticeshipMale270550
201516Academic yearParliamentary constituencyE92000001EnglandE14000833Newcastle upon Tyne NorthTotalAdvanced ApprenticeshipFemale190340

Variables in this data set

Table showing all 5 variables
Variable nameVariable description
age_groupAge Group
apps_levelApprenticeship Level


  1. Age for starts is based on age at the start of the programme
  2. Volumes are rounded to the nearest 10 and '~' indicates a base value of fewer than 5 but greater than 0
  3. Participation is the count of learners that participated at any point during the year. Learners undertaking more than one course will appear only once in the grand total
  4. Participation at intermediate, advanced and higher levels is a count of learners that participated at those levels at any point during the year. Learners undertaking more than one course will only appear once at each level but can appear in the count at more than one level
  5. Geography is based upon the home postcode of the learner. Where the postcode is outside of England or not known it is included in the 'Outside of England and unknown' category
  6. Age for apprenticeship participation is based on age as at 31 August of the academic year
  7. Geographies are taken from the National Statistics Postcode Lookup based on boundaries as of May 2021

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