Data set from Early years education recovery

Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI)

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Total number of schools, number of LanguageScreens and estimated number of children for each academic year.

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Early years
Early years education recovery
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Geographic levels
  • Cumulative total of registered schools
  • Number of registered schools
  • Estimated number of children
Time period
2020/21 to 2023/24

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Table showing first 4 rows, from underlying data
202021Academic yearNationalE92000001England6668666818310218310235304.269535304.2695
202122Academic yearNationalE92000001England44181108628256346566558695.730594000
202223Academic yearNationalE92000001England261111212195658762158833.3897152833.3897
202324Academic yearNationalE92000001England0111126091164853258833.3897211666.7794

Variables in this data set

Table showing first 5 of 6 variables
Variable nameVariable description
estimate_of_children_cumulativeCumulative total of estimated number of children
estimate_of_children_yearlyEstimated number of children
lang_screen_assessments_cumulativeCumulative total of LanguageScreen assessments
lang_screen_assessments_yearlyNumber of LanguageScreen assessments
number_of_schools_cumulativeCumulative total of registered schools


  1. The estimate for the number of children is based on data included in EEF's Nuffield Early Language Intervention Scale-up: Evaluation Report - Year 2. Figures given here are obtained from calculations. More information can be found in the methodology.
  2. The number of LanguageScreen assessments is accurate up to the end of December 2023.
  3. The estimated number of children covers the whole academic year.
  4. The cumulative total of registered schools is accurate up to the end of December 2023.

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