Data set from Children's social work workforce: attrition, caseload, and agency workforce

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Grouped data on the number of cases held by social workers.

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Children's social care
Children's social work workforce: attrition, caseload, and agency workforce
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Geographic levels
  • Proportion of all Case Holders
  • Total FTE
  • Number of Cases Held (Group)
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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
National2021Reporting yearE92000001England1 - <5 Cases per FTE1876.79.17
National2021Reporting yearE92000001England5 - <10 Cases per FTE2284.911.17
National2021Reporting yearE92000001England10 - <15 Cases per FTE3923.4219.18
National2021Reporting yearE92000001England15 - <20 Cases per FTE5774.2528.22
National2021Reporting yearE92000001England20 - <25 Cases per FTE4094.7120.02

Variables in this data set

Table showing all 3 variables
Variable nameVariable description
cases_held_per_fteNumber of Cases Held (Group)
proportionProportion of all Case Holders
total_fteTotal FTE


  1. Components may not sum to totals due to rounding.
  2. Social workers who do not hold cases (0 cases per FTE) are excluded – 17,930 FTE social workers.
  3. Social workers who held cases, but had 0 FTE recorded are excluded – 26 social worker with 0 FTE were holding 309 cases.
  4. Social workers holding more than 50 cases per FTE are excluded – 91.0 FTE social workers were holding 4,878 cases.

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