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Subjects taught in state funded secondary schools

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Headcount of teachers and the number of hours taught by subject to year groups 7-13 in all state funded secondary schools.

Data set details

Teachers and school workforce
School workforce in England
Release type
Geographic levels
  • Number of hours taught for all years
  • Number of hours taught for years 10 and 11
  • Number of hours taught for years 12 and 13
  • Subject taught
Time period
2011/12 to 2021/22

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
202122Academic yearNationalE92000001EnglandMathematics3577132306298991259555616927650721942660236
202122Academic yearNationalE92000001EnglandEnglish3904335603313681056855023828570522788136652
202122Academic yearNationalE92000001EnglandPhysics65121756423039424640853662114919893
202122Academic yearNationalE92000001EnglandChemistry75891797468749985268253342165725691
202122Academic yearNationalE92000001EnglandBiology87991944521659855871059722272630012

Variables in this data set

Table showing first 5 of 9 variables
Variable nameVariable description
hours_allyrsNumber of hours taught for all years
hours_yrs1011Number of hours taught for years 10 and 11
hours_yrs1213Number of hours taught for years 12 and 13
hours_yrs79Number of hours taught for years 7 to 9
subjectSubject taught


  1. Teachers were counted once against each subject and key stage they taught, irrespective of the time spent teaching. Therefore teachers may be counted against multiple subjects and key stages so sums of these categories will be greater than the number of secondary school teachers.

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