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Care leavers accommodation - NATIONAL

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Care leavers aged 17 to 21, by accommodation type (as measured on or around their birthday). Data formerly  in tables F2 and F4.

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Children's social care
Children looked after in England including adoptions
Release type
Geographic levels
  • Number
  • Percentage
  • Age of the care leaver
  • Type of accommodation the care leaver is in
Time period
2018 to 2021

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
2018Reporting yearNationalE92000001England18 yearsCare leavers groupBed and breakfastAccommodation of care leaver10~
2018Reporting yearNationalE92000001England18 yearsCare leavers groupCommunity homeAccommodation of care leaver4705
2018Reporting yearNationalE92000001England18 yearsCare leavers groupDeportedAccommodation of care leavercc
2018Reporting yearNationalE92000001England18 yearsCare leavers groupEmergency accommodationAccommodation of care leaver50~
2018Reporting yearNationalE92000001England18 yearsCare leavers groupFoyersAccommodation of care leaver3303

Variables in this data set

Table showing all 4 variables
Variable nameVariable description
accommodation_typeType of accommodation the care leaver is in
care_leaver_ageAge of the care leaver


  1. 'Accommodated with parents or relatives' is likely to be an under count - if a young person's former foster carer is a relative they should be recorded as accommodated with their former foster carer.
  2. Numbers have been rounded to the nearest 10. Percentages rounded to the nearest whole number. Figures exclude young people who were looked after under an agreed series of short term placements, those who have died since leaving care, those who have returned home to parents or someone with parental responsibility for a continuous period of at least 6 months and those whose care was transferred to another local authority.
  3. 'Local authority not in touch' excludes young people where activity information is known, as a third party provided it even though the local authority is not directly in touch with the young person.

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