Data set from A level and other 16 to 18 results

Maths and science entries - percent entered by region

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Percent of students entered for A levels in STEM subjects during 16-18 study, by region or local authority.

Data set details

School and college outcomes and performance
A level and other 16 to 18 results
Release type
Geographic levels
Local authority, Regional
  • Number of students
  • Percent entered for 1 or more STEM subjects
  • Percent entered for 2 or more STEM subjects
Time period
2017/18 to 2021/22

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Table showing first 5 rows, from underlying data
201718Local authorityAcademic yearE92000001EnglandEast MidlandsE12000004LincolnshireE10000019925306927.8275.37622.90618.37713.5872.67254.44845.55228.70614.3042.1830Revised
201718Local authorityAcademic yearE92000001EnglandEast of EnglandE12000006NorfolkE10000020926286527.6445.75919.33716.64913.2984.95656.40543.59527.50414.7991.6750.07Revised
201718Local authorityAcademic yearE92000001EnglandEast MidlandsE12000004NorthamptonshireE10000021928288925.8224.63818.41514.91912.8073.1558.49841.50224.33412.1841.6960.035Revised
201718Local authorityAcademic yearE92000001EnglandYorkshire and The HumberE12000003North YorkshireE10000023815256830.3355.21824.33820.91113.6683.77750.31249.68831.15315.6151.7910Revised
201718Local authorityAcademic yearE92000001EnglandEast MidlandsE12000004NottinghamshireE10000024891284626.1424.07622.41717.04112.864.46255.55244.44828.46113.0710.9490.07Revised

Variables in this data set

Table showing first 5 of 13 variables
Variable nameVariable description
number_alev_studentsNumber of students
pc_entered_1plus_MatScisPercent entered for 1 or more STEM subjects
pc_entered_2plus_MatScisPercent entered for 2 or more STEM subjects
pc_entered_3plus_MatScisPercent entered for 3 or more STEM subjects
pc_entered_4plus_MatScisPercent entered for 4 or more STEM subjects


  1. Includes students triggered for inclusion in performance tables who completed A levels during 16-18 study, after discounting of exams.

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